Tuesday, October 2, 2007


城城表示將會長時間不舉行演唱會。 Sources: TungStar - 2
on.cc專訊】 郭富城宣布開加兩場演唱會至七場,並強調這次演唱會是他的暫別作,稍後他要忙於籌備舞台劇,將有六年時間不會再舉行同類型演唱會,為使歌迷留下美好回憶,他會更花心思設計,而最特別的是,花了五百萬建造一個滾軸升空舞台。

城城揮利劍,一顯王者之風。 城城在個唱記者會上宣布加開兩場。
Aaron Kwok Fu Shing announced today that will add 2 more shows to a total of 7 shows [for his upcoming concert series], & emphasized this will be his "farewell" concerts, because he'll be soon busy working on his musical play. Within the next 6 years he won't be holding any concerts, so he wants fans to have the most beautiful memories for this concert series. He has been putting his heart & mind to make it very special, even spending 5 millions (HKD) to make the lift-up rolling stage.

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