Wednesday, October 3, 2007

城城暫別「舞林」6年 增5磅谷靚線條

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Aaron Kwok de Show Reel Live in Concert 2007 [November 17th - 23rd & public tickets selling starts Oct 3rd.] is not only laborious for him but an expensive production. To make a new dancing breakthrough, dance instructor Bobby Newberry, who is known to have choreographed Beyoncé & Eminem, is invited to choreograph for Aaron. The cost is US$10,000 (or approximately HK$80,000) .
Costumes are designed by William Cheung Suk-Ping & materials ordered from Thailand, France & Japan. The costumes are made to give sexy & seductive images, & tight to the body. Aaron is also required to gain 5 lbs to 138 lbs due to his almost skeleton body in the last concert that he was afraid to mirror himself. Manager Siu Mei revealed that the show will give everyone a pleasant surprise which hasn't been done before.

[I feel like an elephant comparing to Aaron's current weight of 133 lbs, that's way too light for any guys at his height. And he only needs to increase 5 lbs to fit the costumes? I think he must be at least 145 lbs for perfect weight! BTW, the dotted T & those pants are so wrong. I don't get what he wears sometimes.]


sy said...

Aaron's only 133 pounds? That too little weight, especially if part of that is muscle. It seems that Hong Kong men are expected to slim now instead of muscular. Very unhealthy in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

That's what the news said! I guess he wants to look his best on camera, which is known to add 5-10 lbs to everyone! I guess...