Thursday, October 4, 2007


on.cc專訊】 「舞台王者」郭富城於十一月舉行的演唱會反應熱烈,現正投入綵排的城城,得悉個唱反應理想,亦感到非常開心,他說:「我定會傾力演出,以答謝歌迷厚愛。」另外,城城正構思在360度旋轉吊臂舞台演出,藉此拉近與歌迷的距離。 "Dancing King" Aaron Kwok Fu Shing concert series in November received greatly with warm response. Currently Aaron has started rehearsing & upon hear the good response, he's extremely happy "I will perform my best, thank the fans for your love". Also, the constructed stage revolving 360 degrees will allow Aaron to be closer with fans.

Sources: TungStar

[Just heard that the black color seats are "privately" reserved & the rest are for public sale from this seating chart. So I'm not sure if he & his management really serve the benefits of his "fans" here or what? A bit disappointed for now.]

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