Wednesday, October 24, 2007


on.cc專訊】 【15:34】2007年10月24日 郭富城為下月17至24日舉行的一連8場演唱會進行綵排,城城邀得美國著名首席舞蹈老師Bobby Newberry為他排舞,而本月26日是城城生日,經理人小美與工作人員及Bobby Newberry,齊齊切蛋糕兼開香檳為他慶祝,十分熱鬧。

Aaron Kwok celebrates birthday with champagne. Aaron Kwok adds 1 more show for his next month concert series from November 17-24 to the total of 8 nights. American famous dance instructor Bobby Newberry's introduced & invited for the show choreography. Manager Siu Mei and the staff arranged cake and champagne to celebrate his birthday, which is on October 26th. The atmosphere was extremely lively!

[I hope he still has hair under that knit cap!]

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