Thursday, October 25, 2007


on.cc專訊】 【22:32】2007年10月25日 郭富城(Aaron)明日42歲生辰,日前獲公司送贈一套全新咪高峰做禮物,可以在演唱會時大派用場,Aaron表示:「呢個係今年收到最有意義的生日禮 物,公司同事仲用我個名做了慈善捐款,所以今年好開心好有意義。」而Aaron特別為演唱會推出《舞林正傳》一曲,更豪花50萬作MV製作費,好大手筆。

Tomorrow is Aaron Kwok's 42nd birthday, the day before the company presented him a brand new microphone to be used at his concert series. Aaron expressed "This is the most meaningful birthday gift, my colleagues donated money to charity under my name, this year I'm very happy, very meaningful. Aaron's special theme song for the concert 《舞林正傳》 with the production cost of HK$50 mil, quite a large sum of money!

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