Friday, October 26, 2007


on.cc專訊】 【16:19】2007年10月26日 郭富城42歲生日,亦是演唱會加場門票開賣的日子,11月24日的所有門票於1小時內全部售罄,最貴的480元門票,開賣15分鐘即火速被掃清。經理人小 美說:「紅館真係未有檔期,所以冇得再加場。」門票亦在網上掀起炒風,2張480元門票叫價1,400元,連最平的150元門票亦被炒至250元,吸引大 批網民競投。

Aaron Kwok's tickets for newly added show sold out within 1 hour. Aaron's 42nd birthday is also the day for public sale of tickets for November 24th show, the tickets were sold out in 1 hour. The highest ticket price at 480rmb quickly sold out within the first 15 minutes. Manager Siu Mei said "HK Coliseum really hasn't released the schedule, therefore can't add more show." Tickets are bid at high prices online, 2 tickets at 480rmb are asked at 1400rmb, 250rmb for 150rmb tickets, attract large number of bidders.

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