Monday, December 31, 2007


on.cc專訊】 【21:23】2007年12月31日 郭富城出席蔡加敏婚禮,坐在主家席,可見與新人關係密切,他表示與蔡志明認識多年,大家喜歡講車經。而城城本來只來飲喜酒,但臨散席前,上台恭喜新人時,為了送上至深祝福予一對新人,更即場獻唱一曲《愛的呼喚》。

Caption: 郭富城向一對新人高歌《愛的呼喚》。

Aaron Kwok attended Carmen Choi & John Ma wedding, and sat at the family honor table, obviously that he's very close to the family. He revealed that he's known the bride's father, Choi Chi Ming, for so many years and they share the same interest in cars. Aaron originally only went to drink to the new couple, but when he came on stage to congratulate them and in order to deliver his sincere wish, he sang "Love's Calling" to the pair.

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