Monday, January 7, 2008


Tungstar / /【on.cc專訊】 【17:51】2008年01月07日 郭富城出席《舞林正傳演唱會延續篇2008》記者會,宣布在下月十四至十七日,假亞洲國際博覽館舉行四場個唱,而手錶廣告商正計劃將城城上次在紅館的「室內旋轉舞台」,申請列入健力士世界紀錄大全,對此,城城感到很高興,並表示這是香港人的舞台。



Aaron Kwok was at the press conference for his "De Show Reel Extension Live 2008" and announced of 4 shows from Feb 14-17, 2008 to be held at AsiaWorld-Expo. Sponsor Longines watch plans to enter Aaron into the world record for "Indoor Revolving Stage", the theme is the complete healthy and strong athlete. Aaron's extreme happy with the idea and that it represents the pride of Hong Kong people.

Asked if he'd invite his rumored girlfriend Lynn Xiong to the stage on Valentine's show. Aaron said "If all of my female friends come and watch my performance, that'd mean they already accompany me on Valentine's day!"

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Anonymous said...

Haha Aaron is always Aaron - funny and yet manipulative at the same time! Someone pls tell Mr. Cheung to stop messing up Aaron's face that's all we're asking for!