Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Tungstar / 【on.cc專訊】 【16:29】2008年01月09日 郭富城出席水晶活動,更配上水晶熊貓造型衫配合主題,台上城城表現得很有環保知識,可惜讀品牌的英文名時卻讀錯,司儀立即提水,但城城卻繼續錯。此外,他被取笑與「熊」字相當有緣,當讀了五樣與「熊」字有關的東西時,他仍沒有讀出熊黛林!



Aaron Kwok attended crystal jewelry Swarovski and dressed in T-shirt with panda design matched with the brand name. However, he continued to say the name [Swarovski] wrong and caused laughters. He's teased that he and "panda" are fated, though he didn't slip out Lynn Xiong name [sounds like panda in Chinese].

Aaron Kwok poses with crystal pandas as he attends a news conference in Hong Kong for a nature conservation program in China.

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