Saturday, January 12, 2008


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on.cc專訊】 【16:41】2008年01月12日 最近忙於排練演唱會的郭富城,為支持公司舉行的音樂劇,他抽空現身文化中心大劇院,早前他曾表示有意舉行音樂劇,問到會否從中取經,城城說:「舞台同製作方面都會吸收一下。」城城透露已開始有初步構思,亦希望以愛情來包裝音樂劇,問到女主角人選時,城城坦言暫時沒有。

With busy rehearsal for his upcoming concert series, Aaron Kwok took time out to attend the musical "Le Petit Prince" [Little Prince]. Aaron expressed that not only he came to show support for the company, but it's also a learning experience for him as he's planning to create his own musical. He also disclosed that the
preliminary idea for his musical has already started and love is part of the theme, however, there's no candidates for the leading lady yet.

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