Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Tungstar - 2 - 3 - Video / 【on.cc專訊】 【21:05】2008年01月23日 郭富城(城城)在亞洲國際博覽館舉行記者會,宣布加開三場一共七場,會場布置成個唱的展覽區,更展出「富城機鐵列車」,城城和「列車」合照時,布景板突然跌翻,幸好城城飛身撲救,他更自認是「超人」。



Aaron Kwok arrived at AsiaWorld-Expo to hold a press conference, and announced to add more shows for his De Reel Show Extension 2008 to 7 shows altogether. The conference arranged a stage area read "Aaron Airway Train". When Aaron took the photo with "the train", the background board suddenly fell, Aaron quickly fly-jumped and claimed to be "superman".

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