Wednesday, February 6, 2008


on.cc專訊】 【21:19】2008年02月06日 郭富城正為二月十四日開鑼的個唱積極綵排,獲經理人小美批准放幾日假與家人度新春,城城由年廿八開始放假,而一向注重新年的城城,做足傳統習俗,年廿八大 掃除、年廿九買年花及年三十晚則買新衫預備過新年,返回母親家吃過團年晚飯後,會用碌柚葉和大桔沖涼,喜喜洋洋迎接新一年。



Aaron Kwok allowed by his manager Siu May to have a small break from his busy rehearsal for De Show Reel Extension on Feb 14 to celebrate Lunar New Year with family. Aaron's having a full traditional celebration, that on the 28th day [of the 12th lunar month] he did the cleaning, buying flowers on the 29th, and got new robe for welcome the new year. Then later going back to his mother's home for a new year meal. [Aaron's new year greetings]

Sources: Headline / SingTao

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