Wednesday, February 13, 2008


TungStar / 【on.cc專訊】 【16:22】2008年02月13日 郭富城一連七場舞林正傳演唱會延續篇,將於明日情人節正式開鑼,美術大師張叔平為城城打造六個全新形象,包括金箔頭配以施華洛贊助的五十磅水鑽戰衣,以及 富濃厚中國風味的紅金少爺Look。至於是次延續篇屬加強版,360度旋轉舞台,加上廣受歌迷歡迎的水花舞林,將配合30支水花噴射裝置,城城提醒大家緊 記帶備防濕雨具。

Aaron Kwok 7 shows De Show Reel Extension kicks off tomorrow St. Valentine's Day. Costume designer William Chang has put out 6 brand new images for Aaron, including the 50 lbs diamonds gold foil costume and the traditional Chinese master look. Continuing with 360-degree revolving stage and 30 water splashers, Aaron reminds the fans to bring along protecting gear from the water.

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